Magical Non-Stick Additive Helps Prevent Food Waste

July 6, 2015


LiquiGlide may sound like something you'd find next to the condoms at the drug store, but it's actually a non-stick additive designed to make products pour more smoothly, with little to no waste at the end. No word how much mayo they wasted during testing, but in my mind there's 6-foot submarine sandwich just out of frame. LiquiGlide isn't a specific coating though, it's actually a chemical additive that can be modified to various viscous liquids to help them flow easier regardless of what container they're in. So that mayo actually has LiquiGlide in it. God willing, it won't make mayo taste like Miracle Whip because Miracle Whip is disgusting. Unless you like it, in which case I just have bad taste buds. I don't know, I'm not really sure how I feel about lube additives in my condiments anyways. I remember the first time I tasted lube. It made my teeth so slippery I kept biting my tongue. That was the end of sexy time.

Keep going for the mayo test video, as well as another one with peanut butter, paint and toothpaste. Also, is LiquiGlide basically a diarrhea additive or what? Is it not just going to blast through your guts like a race car?

Thanks to Alli, who's willing to let that last teaspoon of mayo go.

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