Awwww: The Loch Ness Monster Kitchen Strainer

July 17, 2015


Remember that Loch Ness Monster ladle? Well now Nessie's mom has joined the party as a strainer. I am going to eat so much soup I only have to sit down to go to the bathroom twice a month! You can buy the strainer alone for $19, or as a set with the lil Nessie ladle for $34. I imagine eventually there will be a Loch Ness Monster father product, which will probably be a small pot or something. Then they will make baby Nessie salt and pepper shakers to round out the whole family and add the perfect whimsical touch to your kitchen. All your friends will want to be you, and all your friends' friends will wish they were friends with you instead of your two's mutual friend, because you are way cooler and have way better style. Now I know what you're thinking, and no, I didn't just copy/paste that from the product site.

Keep going for one more shot.


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