Lil Angel: Blind Dog's Family Invents A Bumper Collar For Him So He Doesn't Run Into Things

July 27, 2015


Meet Buddy. Buddy is a 13+ year old chihuahua who has gone almost completely blind in recent months. Buddy lost his confidence to get around without running into things and his owners had to carry him everywhere. Then they invented this bumper collar so Buddy can feel his way around the house without directly running into things. Now he's got his confidence back. You know, I could really use one of these for late night trips to the bathroom, because I run into a LOT of stuff. One time I even ran into the refrigerator and wound up taking a ham and turkey sandwich back to bed.

Keep going for a video of Buddy in action.

Thanks to Lucinda, who encourages you all to close your eyes as soon as you get home tonight and try to navigate around your place for 10 minutes just to see how much stuff you break.

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