Lil Angel: Blind Dog's Family Invents A Bumper Collar For Him So He Doesn't Run Into Things

July 27, 2015


Meet Buddy. Buddy is a 13+ year old chihuahua who has gone almost completely blind in recent months. Buddy lost his confidence to get around without running into things and his owners had to carry him everywhere. Then they invented this bumper collar so Buddy can feel his way around the house without directly running into things. Now he's got his confidence back. You know, I could really use one of these for late night trips to the bathroom, because I run into a LOT of stuff. One time I even ran into the refrigerator and wound up taking a ham and turkey sandwich back to bed.

Keep going for a video of Buddy in action.

Thanks to Lucinda, who encourages you all to close your eyes as soon as you get home tonight and try to navigate around your place for 10 minutes just to see how much stuff you break.

  • craig37f .

    How does he eat without pushing his bowl away?

  • shashi

    Aww this gives me a warm feeling in my heart... and a tingling sensation in my left arm... wait i think im khbdkj ask;l'gvyhadsfjhlvnlsdf

  • Ellie
  • Jason

    disgusting creature. and if it's that old, just let it go.

  • Jason

    I do have pets. I just said that this dog and the breed is ugly and annoying. And I've had pets that we kept alive and in pain too long.. Now I realize it wasn't worth it letting them suffer that long. It's just an Internet comment. Relax

  • shashi

    do you have to repeat everything your parents say to you?

  • tim

    "Watch out for the..." *thump* *thump* *thump* "...stairs."

  • Jenness

    Man, that's pretty sad. He must have lost his hearing too because he could not really even get the direction of her voice either. Kind of on the fence about this - seems more selfish on the part of the owners when the pet is so old and has completely lost vital senses to having his age unnaturally extended. I have seen young dogs running around that lost limbs but could see, taste, hear - etc. but this is not like that. I don't see me doing this even for my own beloved pets but to each is own - they are after all pets and not humans.

  • Dianne Rizzo

    I don't believe this dog has given up on life yet. Pets let you know when they have given up. That's when it's time to let them go. Not before.

  • captaindash

    Amen. people tend to look at things only through their own lens and forget that the animal has an even more important lens.

  • TyDurd

    It's Ren Hoek!

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    Go on witch yo bad self my brutha! Git it!

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