Lesser Known Facts About Superman, The Infographic

July 6, 2015


This is an infographic featuring lesser-known facts about Superman, made for the folks at BuyMetalOnline (related: Man Of Steel). Did you know that in an issue of Supergirl set in an alternate reality that pink kryptonite could turn Superman gay? I feel like I might have written that issue, except in my version everyone who Superman had sex with had their butts turn to diamond because of the insane pressure. I also thought it was pretty awesome that Dracula tried to bite Superman but exploded because Superman is powered by the sun. Now that's just quality writing. "So the opposite of Geekologie." Exactly, you get it.

Thanks to David, who made the infographic or at least had something to do with it so if you want to complain ge sure to start your comment with something like 'Dammit, David...'

  • Rad Chad

    Who even cares? Superman is the Ryan Reynolds of superheroes. And Ryan Reynolds is the Kevin James of actors. And Kevin James is the Kevin James of Kevin James. As directed by Michael Bay.

  • micharch54

    Superman gained the ability to fly in Radio not the cartoons. It was too hard to make a jumping noise so they made him fly where they could apply a flying sound.

  • Daniel

    On behalf of our infographic blog http://infographicplaza.com/ we congratulate you about publishing this superb infographic.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Louis Lane, Lois Lane's gay brother who uses pink kryptonite to seduce Superman and his rod of steel.

  • devid


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