Leave It Alone: Video Comparison Of All The Changes Made To The Original Star Wars Trilogy

July 28, 2015


These are four videos (A New Hope is two parts) detailing all the changes George 'I'll Do What I Want' Lucas made to the original Star Wars trilogy after they were already released. Most of the changes are pretty minor, like adding an alien in the background, and almost all are entirely unnecessary. If I had any more energy I would get angry but I don't have any energy so I'm not going to. Plus my therapist says I need to focus on letting my anger go. He said if I try to choke him one more time he'll have no choice but to refer me to somebody else which would suck because I feel like we're just getting to know each other.

Keep going for almost an hour of footage. Pretend like you're working and get paid to watch it!

Thanks to MUDDERS, who

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