It's Perfect: This Homemade CD Launching Gun

July 8, 2015


This is the homemade CD launching gun made by Youtuber JZSlenker out of an angle grinder. It works beautifully. I'm going to build my own to launch CD's instead of clay pigeons for skeet shooting, then lay waste to my roommate's DVD collection. I will also break a bunch of his other stuff to make it look like we were robbed.

Keep going for a brief but awesome video.

Thanks to Linc, who uses a razor blade to cut CD's into ninja stars and once almost put an enemy's eye out but didn't because he didn't aim for his enemy's eye, only the eyebrow.

  • Ellie
  • Ellie
  • Ellie
  • Ellie
  • Enkidu98

    Now load it with circular saw blades and sell it as a zombie apocalypse survival tool.

  • I can't believe that no one has mentioned the Revolution X game by Aerosmith where you had a gun that shot CDs. THIS IS IT.

  • MrJimmyCleaver .

    Remember, music.. is the weapon!

  • bluecheesedressing

    Where was this back In the AOL free trials days? I got half a dozen discs in the mail a week. LTTP.

  • Gilbert

    I'm reminded of that cheesy 80's flick where the alien came to Earth to harvest the chemical that was put out by our brains due to overdoses of heroin... And he kept saying "I COME IN PEACE" almost like in GotG where you kept hearing "I AM GROOT"...

  • SHaKie

    You mean Dark Angel?

    Any sort of device that launches discs reminds me of that film.

  • Gilbert

    That's the one... I looked it up too, to be certain.

    And for a 80's Dolph movie, there was a disappointingly low amount of nudity in it...

  • Keegano

    In Canada it was titled "I Come in Peace". I think I still have it on VHS somewhere.

    Metalhead Alien: I come in peace.
    Dolph: And you go in pieces.

  • Gilbert

    It was "I Come in Peace" when I saw it here in the US... I actually had it on VHS for years before I cleaned out that collection...

  • SHaKie

    Still have the VHS somewhere, was called Dark Angel here in the UK. I got quite excited when that Jessica Alba TV series came out in the early 2000s but alas they were not connected, I was still excited though...for other obvious reasons :)

  • Gilbert

    After the discussion we had here, and even one I had with my offspring about this, I ordered the DVD of the movie... And it showed up today... I'll be watching it later...

  • ProphetFlume

    Just a matter of time until someone gets shot in the chest with Nevermind

  • TheQiwiMan

    This is awesome! It's like an adult version of that old Ninja Turtle Pizza Thrower toy I had as a kid!

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