It Has Begun: Robot Kills Worker At Volkswagen Plant

July 2, 2015


In news that proves it's time to start disassembling anything with metal parts, a 22-year old worker was killed at a Volkswagen plant near Kassel, Germany after an industrial robot slammed him against a metal plate. For reference, nobody deserves to go out like that.

Heiko Hillwig said Wednesday the 22-year-old was part of a team that was setting up the robot when it grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate.

Hillwig said initial conclusions indicate that human error was to blame, rather than a problem with the robot.

Wait -- human error? I'm pretty sure that was a robot error. Sure you should know to never try assembling a robot with its power turned on, but who threw the punch? Rest in peace, unnamed worker, you are the reason we will fight.

Thanks to Dick, UniDude, Sarah Conner, Chris and Robot Overlord, the last of which probably only sent this to emphasize the frailty of humans. Sarah Conner -- take him out.

  • i think it is human error, we are making these killer robots and soon they will be mass producing themselves.

  • Rad Chad

    Robokind is doomed. Germany doesn't take this kind of malfeasance lying down. Hell, they invaded Poland just for having the gall to share a border with them.

  • Ed

    The human error was making a robot capable of killing.

  • Graig

    The thing is these robots have no intelligence. It didn't know what it was doing. It probably doesn't have cameras or anything. It just does what it's programmed to do. It doesn't check to see if the parts there. It doesn't have any safety measures to Check for things in the way. It just does. The real problem here is that there's no detection system to provide safety for the workers. Now if there's a detection system in place. And the robot ignores the warning signs to crush a person. If the warnings didn't fail and the robot chose to ignore them. That's when we need to worry.

  • Pete Harman

    Noooo! You missed the real irony in this article - the initial report was tweeted by the Financial Times' correspondent called ... Sarah O'Connor - spooky

  • Daniel Anderson

    The first casualty in the robot sentience. He will go down as a martyr for alarming us all, it sadly cost him his life for the rest of us to live. The resistance lives due to your sacrifice. RIP 22 year old VW employee. VW better pay this guys family so they don't have to worry about how their paying the bills if he has a lady and/or kids.

  • S.M. Archer

    When the history books cover the coming end of days, this, this will be the moment when it is said "Skynet started where we would last expect, the manufacturing department at Volkswagon. It was calculated, it was clever, it was the perfect plan."

  • PUNX

    i think it is human error, we are making these killer robots and soon they will be mass producing themselves.

  • Gripepe

    What an insensitive article to write, GW. "German worker dies operating heavy machinery, American blogger makes fun of it.". Classy.

  • Rad Chad

    "Waambulance arrives to treat the hurt feelings of an anonymous Internet sycophant feigning sensitivity to the death of a complete stranger solely as a means of self-aggrandizement by shaming the author of a mildly humorous post. A fellow poster did not care and called him "a walking vagina."

    You're a walking vagina.

  • He was from Germany, there's a good chance he was a Nazi anyway.

  • Rad Chad

    It's a 50/50 chance, really. Pretty much up to a coin toss these days.

  • Gripepe

    Nazi Robot Kills Jew Factory Worker, American blogger rejoices

  • Billy Rocka

    Thorns in the butt hurt don't they?

  • Gingerbread

    You come to Geekologie seeking sensitive articles? Really? I come here to get a good laugh. I think there are also tons of other sites that may have already covered this story the way you were expecting it to be. You should try these instead.

  • Geekologie

    I was not making fun of it. I was trying to be delicate, like holding a baby.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Be careful of your phrasing, you are putting my wizardry at risk. Be gentle. I am new to this.

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