It Will Be Mine: Custom T-Rex Skeleton Tricycle

July 6, 2015


This is the custom t-rex skeleton tricycle for sale on Craiglist in Eugene, Oregon for $2,000. It measures 12-feet long, 8.5-feet tall, and the arms move as you peddle. The head is a marionette that can turn from side to side and open and close its jaws, all controlled by wires on the handlebars. Obviously, I want it pretty bad and this could be just the thing to finally get me into parades. I've never been in a parade before. One time I watched a parade though and the kids on floats were throwing candy but they weren't throwing it hard enough to make it all the way to the sidewalk and you weren't allowed to step into the street so basically it was just agonizing torture and me yelling at kids to learn how to throw better.

Keep going for several more shots of my new ride.



Thanks to Muldoon's Shorts, which valiantly remained unshat despite realizing they were just seconds away from being torn apart by velociraptors.

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