I'm Never Unpacking: Suitcase Turns Into Clothes Shelves

July 1, 2015


The Shelfpack is a $350 suitcase with integrated shelves inside that pull out so you never really have to unpack on vacation. You just pack your clothes on the various shelves at home, zip up the bag, then when you get wherever you're going you pull the shelves out, and, presto -- INSTANT ORGANIZATION. Now you can spend less time unpacking and more time at the hotel bar with a fake beard and mustache avoiding your family. Vacation!

Keep going for a brief video of the Shelfpack in action. Me? I travel with two garbage bags. Hefty Bags with Odor Block Technology though -- the nice shit.


  • Bad Boy Bubby

    Looks like a portable bunk bed for midgets....I'd fuck a midget....

  • TheQiwiMan

    What a cool idea!

  • Jenness

    This is pretty awesome but weight, like another poster said would be the prime factor - however, if this is some light magic then I'm in - totally buying it

  • Mike Harper

    How much does it weigh packed full of cloths? If it's over 50lbs then that's a non starter.

  • Andrew

    Whatever it weighs + the weight of your clothes

  • Gene Kaufman

    I was about to say "Oh my God! Geekologie actually showed something I may actually consider parting with my money for!" then I looked at the price tag...

  • Andrew

    Good thing there's a place called China who will make the exact same thing but sell it for $100

  • Gene Kaufman

    Oh snap!

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