I Want That: This Treehouse Tent Hammock Thing

July 15, 2015


This is the Trilogy portable treehouse available from Tentsile (previously: their other hanging hammock tents). It costs $1,450 and just made it to number three on my birthday wishlist behind time machine and jetpack.

The biggest portable treehouse set up on the market: This "Mothership" consists of 3 x Tentsile Connect tree tents plus a central canopy that all clip together to create the ultimate 6 person suspended habitat. It allows you and your crew to live in unsurpassed comfort and security above the ground. There is nothing that comes close if you are looking for a base camp solution for woodland living. You can also hang additional hammocks underneath each tent to increase the capacity to 9 or more people.

The central canopy creates an useful communal area between the 3 Connect tents, a place to come together, protected form the elements. We created the Trilogy so that you and your friends can experience the magic of the forest but also, so you can have a private retreat where you can have some space of your own..

Wait, is that .. at the end of the second paragraph implying you can have some space of your own to have sex? Because I feel like no matter how discreet you are having sex oin this thing, everybody else is going to know (especially if you fall out and break your penis on the ground). It's like having sex on a beach. You think nobody knew? EVERYBODY KNEW. And at least two people have it all on video.

Keep going for a couple more pictures.






Thanks to MATTY B, who prefers camping on the ground so he has a better chance of getting to interact with bears. Bears are fun!

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