I Must Have That: The Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float

July 14, 2015


This is the Water Sports Inflatable Pizza Slice Swimming Pool Float. It costs $62 on Amazon and comes with two integrated cup holders. For reference, that is $31 per cup holder. I am going to float myself out to sea on this thing and try to score a date with a mermaid. Do mermaids like pizza? Hopefully. Do mermaids like ROOT BEER? Well if they don't like root beer hopefully they like grape soda because like I said it only comes with two cup holders and I had to go with my gut at the convenience store.

Thanks to Jeffrey, who agrees the best pizza parties are pizza POOL parties, at least until somebody doesn't wait 30 minutes after eating to go swimming and almost drowns.

  • randalator

    I think that might me my favourite pizza topping from now on.

  • shashi

    Still waiting for the float shaped like an injured seal. That'll keep the bloody sharks away

  • Leland_Gaunt

    I wouldn't take a slice o' that pie if I were you. I think I see a sausage tucked back in there somewere...

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Well who doesn't like a bit of sausage with their pizza eh?

  • Meh

    I doubt that thing would fit in my tub.. I need a pool first unfortunately.

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