I Couldn't Do It: Transparent Sleeping Pods Dangling From Side Of Cliff 400-Feet Up In Puruvian Valley

July 14, 2015


This is Peruvian tour company Natura Viva's Skylodge, a group of three transparent sleeping pods hanging 400-feet up on the side of a cliff in Peru's Sacred Valley. Each capsule measures 24-feet x 8-feet and includes four beds, a dining area, and a private toilet. The private shitter is key, because I would have a hard time asking a friend to hold my hands while I try to squat off the top of one of those things. There is no running water. The only way to access the pods are by a 400-foot ladder embedded in the cliff, a treacherous hike, or a series of ziplines. Obviously, I would take the ziplines. I don't care how romantic the view is, somebody who just climbed 400-feet up a ladder or hiked to one of these things is going to have a river of sweat flowing between their buttcheeks, and that's a mood killer. Don't let that happy young couple in the pictures fool you, they only dry-humped at best.

Hit the jump for several more pictures and a video tour, including people climbing the 400-foot ladder to get up there (right around the 1:00 mark).










Thanks to Marcus O, who prefers his accommodations a little more ground floor. Same, anything over two stories and I'm afraid I'm gonna sleepwalk out a window.

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