High Carbon Steel Utility Knives That Look Like Whales

July 16, 2015


This is a series of high carbon (very strong) steel utility knives designed by Japanese Blacksmith Toru Yamashito to resemble five different species of whales. They cost around $50 apiece and are not balanced for throwing although that will absolutely not stop me from throwing them.

Kujira Whale Knives are hand forged Multi Purpose Utility knives that have a Virgin High Carbon White Steel #2 inner core with a "Kurouchi" Black Forged finish and handle. Famed for their playful and imaginative whale shaped handles and their durable edge retentive blades these unique knives are sure to be a conversation piece.

LOL @ 'These unique knives are sure to be a conversation piece.' Conversations about knives can get awkward quickly. "So, uh, what are you doing with that knife?" I'm gonna to stab you with it. CONVERSATION OVER.

Keep going for shots of the other four whales.





Thanks to Rebecca B, who doesn't need a utility knife because she can wield a katana with pinpoint precision.

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