Great, Now They're Taking Our Olympics: Robotic Arm Performs Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon Routine

July 31, 2015


This is a video of a shiny robotic arm performing a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon routine. Is it better than a human can do? Probably. Except for all the Eastern European teams, they are like superhumans when it comes to rhythmic gymnastics. In future Olympics, humans will no longer compete for different countries, it will strictly be humans vs. robots, and we will lose miserably except in rhythmic gymnastics and badminton. We will come close to a gold in shark riding (first introduced in the 2032 games) before our three top athletes are eaten in the semi-finals.

Keep going for the video, then tape a long piece of string to a pencil and march up and down the halls of the office swinging that thing like you're going for the gold.

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