Giant Shredding Machine Destroys Whole Engine Blocks

July 10, 2015


This is a video of a Hammel Red Giant Car Shredder eating a bunch of engine blocks (previously: a shredder eating a whole car before crunching on a bunch of engine blocks for dessert). Do you know how tough engine blocks are? You can't bend them with your hands, I can tell you that. "Speak for yourself." The Hulk, ladies and gentlemen! I'm glad you're here, can you get the top off this jelly for me? "HULK SMASH!" No! No smash -- just twist! "HULK SMASH!" Dammit Hulk, you're like an unruly child. I don't know what the Avengers see in you.

Keep going for a video that will undoubtedly give that 'Will It Blend' guy a boner.

Thanks to Linc, who double-dog dared me to stick my arm in there. Make it a triple and you've got yourself a deal.

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