Ghostbusters Director Reveals ECTO-1, Proton Pack Specs

July 8, 2015


Director Paul Feig has revealed the new hearse ECTO-1 and some proton pack specs from the upcoming Ghostbusters movie via Twitter, so here they are. That way your cosplay proton pack can already be movie-accurate by the day the movie comes out. When does the movie come out anyways? COMPUTER -- GOOGLE. July 26th, 2016. That is more than a year. You think I will still be alive by then? My doctor doesn't. My doctor is always surprised to see me. The next time I get sick and have to go see him I'm going to pretend that I'm a ghost. This was a post about Ghostbusters. See how I brought it all back around? It's like I just took you for a very uneventful loop on a carousel. If you're good next time I might even take you on the swing ride.

Keep going for a couple more shots and the proton pack specs.






Thanks to LIMBY, who's moving if there's something strange in the neighborhood because f*** that.

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