Ghostbusters Director Reveals ECTO-1, Proton Pack Specs

July 8, 2015


Director Paul Feig has revealed the new hearse ECTO-1 and some proton pack specs from the upcoming Ghostbusters movie via Twitter, so here they are. That way your cosplay proton pack can already be movie-accurate by the day the movie comes out. When does the movie come out anyways? COMPUTER -- GOOGLE. July 26th, 2016. That is more than a year. You think I will still be alive by then? My doctor doesn't. My doctor is always surprised to see me. The next time I get sick and have to go see him I'm going to pretend that I'm a ghost. This was a post about Ghostbusters. See how I brought it all back around? It's like I just took you for a very uneventful loop on a carousel. If you're good next time I might even take you on the swing ride.

Keep going for a couple more shots and the proton pack specs.






Thanks to LIMBY, who's moving if there's something strange in the neighborhood because f*** that.

  • BexEsq

    Is this where a bunch of superstuds say a bunch of misogynistic stuff about women infinitely more funny and successful than they are and say this movie is going to be crap with no more evidence than it has women in the lead? Oh good, I'm in the right place.

  • Stannis

    Is anyone excited about this movie? We wanted a movie with the original cast like 20 years ago. Just let the franchise be. No one wants this movie.

  • acedick72

    ugh, this is going to be a movie with fat unfunny dykes, shit cars and shit jokes

  • TheOtakuX

    Kristen Wigg is pretty good. I doubt she can save this from the tragically unfunny Melissa McCarthy, though.
    I do think the props look alright, though

  • Ed

    These are the iconic pieces that they should have kept the same. These look like crap. It seems like the director is seeking to reinterpret the movie leaving his own mark on the franchise, and it is a brown stinky smear. If they wanted to make Ghostbusters with four women then it should have been Venkman hiring four hot girls to hit on then agreeing to step down at the end to avoid the harassment lawsuit.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Nostalgia doesn't pay the bills. On a related note I do wonder if this car was an 80s hearse or if they just took a Sedan Deville and modded directly to this. It would sort of make sense if it were a hearse because they're ghost hunters. So take a corpse wagon, give it a siren, and throw some ghost hunters into it. Blam!

    Edit: ...and I suck at reading. It says hearse right in the article.

  • iofo61

    Is the plot of the movie that a couple of super-fans of the original movie try to recreate props using items found in the garbage?

  • Jai Mico

    Looks Awful, have no hope for that movie! It will ruin the franchise !

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