For Lifesavers, Not Lightsabers: Star Wars R2-D2 Purse

July 27, 2015


This is the $60 R2-D2 Dome Purse available from ThinkGeek (among other places -- shop around!). It looks like R2-D2 and holds things. Not very big things, mind you. Will it be this fall's must-have fashion accessory? I doubt it. Will slap-bracelets and toe rings make a comeback? Probably not for several more years. Remember: everything is a cycle. I hope you held on to your Crocs. "Never stopped wearing them." I know you haven't. You make me so happy, you know that?

Keep going for a bunch more shots.





Thanks to Lydia, who's holding out for a Mary Poppins bag that can hold entire lamps and mirrors and potted plants.

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