Fly, Be Free!: Larger Than Life Flying R2-D2 Quadrocopter

July 9, 2015


This is the larger than full-scale R2-D2 quadrocopter built by Otto Dieffenbach (who also made that awesome Snoopy one) to show off at San Diego Comic-Con, which apparently started today and doesn't start July 30th like I thought, which explains why it was so easy to book a cheap hotel for that weekend. Man, I suck at planning things. One time I tried to plan a romantic weekend getaway with my girlfriend -- you know what happened? "You forgot to bring her." YEP. Four hours of driving later I tried to put my hand on her leg and realized the passenger seat was empty.

Keep going for several videos of R2-D2 trying to fly far, far away from that hanger-on C-3PO.

Thanks to Dix, who just inspired me to build a floating eyeball monster quadrocopter from Big Trouble In Little China to compliment my Jack Burton costume this Halloween.

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