First Person POV Down The World's Longest Water Slide

July 30, 2015


This is a first person point of view heading down Action Park's 2,000-foot water slide. It's actually more of a slip-n-slide with walls than a traditional waterslide. The whole ride from top to bottom takes almost a minute and a half. That is pretty decent. But what's up with the brown skidmark all the way down the slide? Is this also a video of the world's longest shitstain? That is why I don't like riding rides after children. I will not go to another water park until somebody opens one that is adults only. I have come face to face with way too many turds in a wave pool.

Hit the jump for the video, then close your eyes and pretend you're anywhere but where you are.

Thanks to Dunc, who would have ridden the whole thing head first and on his back because he's a real daredevil. Want to be my stuntman?

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