Darth Vader Leads Funeral Procession For Grandmother

July 17, 2015


56-year old Halloween loving and "tarot-card-carrying 'White Witch'" grandmother Lorna Johnson passed away due to lung cancer last month, and was recently laid to rest with Darth Vader leading her funeral procession. What appears to be a very hungover Beetlejuice also attended the service. It's what she would have wanted.

"My mum's favourite time of year was Halloween," son Neil Johnson told the Guardian. She always "said you need to celebrate, you need to have a party. So we're not going to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. My mum wouldn't want that."

She sounds like she was a fun lady. Celebrating a life instead of mourning a death -- that's what more funerals should be like. Honestly, I have only been to a single funeral in my entire life because I don't deal well with death plus I accidentally brought the body back to life at that one because I'd been screwing around with dark magic. That was a whole big thing and some of my family still doesn't talk to me. Rest in peace, Lorna.

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Thanks to GlassHalfBroken, arguably the least optimistic of all the glass metaphors besides GlassTotallyShattered.

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