Crazy Person Sets New World Record For Distance Jumped In A Semi Truck

July 29, 2015


This is a video of daredevil Gregg Godfrey setting a new world record for distance jumped in a semi truck with a solid 166-foot leap. He beat the old record by over 60 feet. That is impressive. I like when records get destroyed instead of just beat by a hair. Unfortunately for Gregg, I'm going to kill his record next week when I steal a semi truck and drive it into the Grand Canyon. Also, anybody else feel those bystanders are standing a little too close? I know there's a concrete barrier, but I have the feeling that's not gonna stop a semi truck if something goes wrong. I would have watched from a mile away with binoculars. Just kidding, I would have watched from SURFING ON TOP OF THE TRUCK BECAUSE I'M A BADASS. Whenever I hit an elevator call button I close my eyes and wait to hear the doors open then step in not knowing if the elevator's really there or if God has decided it's my time.

Keep going for the video, then meet me at the park after work and we'll see who can jump the furthest out of the swings.

Thanks to Daniel and Yogitherian, who both asked for spots in my annual neighborhood stunt spectacular but didn't specify what stunts they'd be attempting. I need details. I also need you to sign these waivers. "It says 'I know I will die.'" JUST SIGN THEM.

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