Chart Of The 8 Voice Actors And The 202 Futurama Characters They Voiced

July 17, 2015


This is a chart created by Phil Edwards over at Vox of the 8 voice actors and the 202 different Futurama characters they voiced (previously: the equally impressive Simpsons version). The top five actors voiced a total of 183 of the voices, and the top three 121 of the voices. That is a lot of voices. Me? I only have one voice. It is very deep and sexy. Just kidding, it is only deep. It is so deep that a lot of the time the human ear can't even perceive it. "NO, YOU JUST MUMBLE ALL THE F**ING TIME." My girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen! She hates it when I mumble which is all the time.

Thanks Phil, and keep up the chart and graphing.

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