But Can It Breathe Fire (Or Seeds)?: Sculptor Carves Dragon Head Out Of Watermelon

July 24, 2015


This is a time-lapse of Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica carving a dragon's head out of a watermelon. I also included a couple pictures of some of Valeriano's even more impressive work after the jump, including an unbelieveable Joker face, chimp and dog. Plus a video of him carving Cthulhu out of a potato. Obviously, if you ever need something carved out of a melon, Valeriano is the man to talk to. If you ever need anything broken with a hammer or just yelled at for no reason? Here, take my card. "This says, 'Be discreet and meet me in the bathroom.'" You can't deny our connection.

Keep going for the pictures and videos.







Thanks to WWWW, whose parents may have named them with a line drawing instead of actual letters.

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