Books!: Interactive Map Of Literary Trips Across The U.S.

July 23, 2015


This is an interactive map detailing famous literary trips across the United States. How many of the books have you read? I have read all fourteen. "There are only twelve." I am way better at reading than math, I swear.

Thanks to Aisha, who has inspired me to reread Travels With Charley then set out on my own adventure of a lifetime. "A cross-country roadtrip?!" Okay I was thinking Six Flags.

  • NES__still_the_best

    No Grapes of Wrath? That's the first book that should come to mind for this.

  • El_MUERkO

    No 'Fear and Loathing'? Pfft!


    Nobody wanted to write a book about Florida

  • GeneralDisorder

    There is no fountain of youth in Florida. Only fountains of crazy... And alligators. And crocodiles. And giant snakes. And spiders. And old people.

    So why would anyone write a book about Florida?

  • Ed

    What are books?

  • It's like the internet but printed on dead trees.

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