Bark Knight: Wearable Batman Cowl Made From Tree Bark

July 10, 2015


This is the wearable Batman cowl made from tree bark by French artist Christophe Guinet. I wood wear that. See what I did there? I'm sorry, it's Friday and my brain told me to piss off even before lunch.

together with warner bros france and the splendens factory, the artist has designed the iconic batman suit primarily out of tree bark, vegetal moss, lichen and fungus. a foam mold of the batman suit and helmet has been carefully wrapped and covered in layers of tree bark, forming the suit's distinctive pointed ears, opening for the mouth and nose, and defensive shoulder covering. 'the bark of the tree is like the suit of the superheroes -- a protective force,' guinet says. 'the foam strengthens the balance that exists between the symbiosis of nature and that of this mythical character.'

I don't know about all that, but I bet Batman actually built the cowl to try to impress Poison Ivy. Then his plan backfired when she found out all the trees he had to cut down to make it, so she stuck her foot up his ass and planted a watermelon in his stomach. Did you know when I was a kid my mom told me pregnant women had watermelons growing in their stomachs? That's why to this day I have never tried watermelon. That is also why it's important to be honest with your kids and tell them that's actually how bowling balls are made. They all work for Brunswick.

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Thanks to Dave L, who made himself a tar and feather Batman cowl and gets mistaken for a giant chicken everywhere he goes.

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