All Star Wars Movies Are Becoming Little Golden Books

July 22, 2015


The first six Star Wars movies are all being adapted into 24-page Little Golden Books so you can read Star Wars to your children before bed and give them SPACE DREAMS. They'll cost around $5 apiece ($3.74 on Amazon) and will be released July 28th. Are you going to get them all or just the original trilogy? I was having a hard time deciding but then I remembered I don't have any kids and closed the browser window. I remember my first Little Golden Book. It was The Poky Little Puppy, and I used to read it when I was learning to go potty. That was many moons ago though. Just kidding, that was last month. I can go to the bathroom all by myself now but I still ask my mom to stand outside the door in case things go south.

Keep going for the covers of the other five.






Thanks to JDL, who reads Little Golden Books in the bathtub to relax after a long day's work. Heck yeah, you get aromatherapy candles going too?

  • Jadis

    I love SW, but some how this seems wrong.

  • captaindash

    I still have the Pokey Little Puppy somewhere in storage. That takes me back.

  • Those are cute!
    My 3 year old niece needs these - I'll have to tell my brother.

  • Gene Kaufman

    I wonder how exactly they re-tell the bit where Anakin commits genocide.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Anakin killing children
    Han shooting Greedo (in a bar, no less)
    Jabba (implicitly) keeping Leia as a sex slave
    Luke's hand getting cut off
    Anakin decapitating an old man

    For kids!!

  • Darth_Spartan

    Good point, I am sure that will just be passed on since small book. It will instead cut to a scene of Jar Jar binks eating donuts.

  • Gene Kaufman

    I guess I'll just have to wait for "Baby's First Cambodian Dictatorship"

  • Darth_Spartan

    Well I know that I am older and I have no kids but I think I may just have to get these anyways, or at least buy them for a nephew to make it seem legit, it would seem to be a Kindafunny thing to do for them. For sure great Xmas gifts coming kiddo!

  • Andrew Newton

    "We aren't taking the piss,
    Brother and Sister assuredly kiss"

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