UPDATE: 1,000 Italian Musicians Play Foo Fighters' 'Learn To Fly' Simultaneously To Convince Band To Come

July 31, 2015


1,000 musicians recently got together in Cesena, Italy and simultaneously played the Foo Fighters song 'Learn To Fly' in an attempt to convince the band to come play a concert there. I bet it probably worked. If it didn't though they're all welcome to come over to my place and listen to the album on my home stereo system, but there will be a cover charge and everyone will be required to buy at least one piece of merch. "$25 for a penis-shaped refrigerator magnet?!" Those are collectible.

UPDATE: Dave Grohl has responded in a vertically filmed video (also after the jump) and says they will come as soon as they can. Translation: "Hello, good evening, it's David. Forgive me that I don't speak Italian, only a little. This video, how beautiful, so beautiful, thank you so much. We are coming, I promise, we'll see you soon. Thank you so much. Love you all, bye." So there you have it -- some dreams really do come true. Just not mine or yours.

Hit the jump for the videos.

Thanks to Elly, loves the Foo Fighters almost as much as I love A-1 steak sauce, which is very much.

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