Whose Idea Was This?: Industrial Robot Learns How To Wield Sword From Japanese Swordmaster

June 8, 2015


This is a video of a YASKAWA industrial robot being programmed to wield a sword just like Iaido master and world record holder Isao Machii. Why you would ever train an industrial robot to swing a sword like an expert is beyond me. I don't even feel comfortable training robots to swing swords like people who have never even touched a blade before and have no clue what they're doing. Unless -- UNLESS -- those people always accidentally stab and kill themselves. In that case I am kind of okay with it. As it stands now, I'm writing my congressperson. "This is Japan." Then I'm writing Godzilla. Is it going to be a steamy love letter? Probably. I'm going to spray it with my perfume! "This smells like bug spray." Bug spray is my perfume.

Keep going for the video, cool slow motion cuts at 2:00 including citrus fruit and splitting a pea pod.

Thanks to Amy, who pointed out it's only a matter of time till somebody mounts one of these on the back of Big Dog and the robot apocalypse officially gets under way.

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