Transformers: 10-Rotor Copter Drone Turns Into Airplane And Back Again Mid-Flight

June 23, 2015


This is a video demonstration of NASA's Greased Lightning-10 drone showing off its capability to transform from an upright flying drone to an airplane mid-flight. It can both hover like a helicopter and fly like an airplane. Was there a Transformer like that? Maybe his name was AirThrasher or something. Did I just make that up? Because in my mind he was real. A lot of things are real in my mind. Like my roommate. In reality though I'm locked in an insane asylum except if you went to the courthouse and sifted through public records you'd discover that insane asylum actually burned down six years ago and I'm really just a figment of your imagination. You invented me to help cope with your work life. You're crazy, it's true.

Hit the jump for the video then invent your own Transformer and tell me what it transforms from and into and what its name is and any other special powers.

Thanks to BD, who once borrowed a friend's drone and flew it right into the side of a building and can no longer answer that friend's phone calls.

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