Three Schoolchildren Invent Condom That Changes Colors When STDs Are Detected

June 24, 2015


A thirteen year old and two fourteen year olds in England just won a prize for best health innovation for designing a condom that changes colors when it comes in contact with sexually transmitted infections. The rubber turns green when it detects chlamydia, blue for syphilis and a yellow when it detects herpes. It turns a charred black if your penis just exploded.

According to the product's designers, the condom exterior includes a layer covered with molecules that attaches to the bacteria and viruses associated with common STIs. This bad bacteria combined with the molecules covering the condom then causes the rubber exterior to glow a certain colour in dim light.

Wait -- so if the condom is only coated on the outside, that means it only detects infections in females? Why don't they coat the inside too? And what happens if you have more than one of those diseases? Does it turn brown? Also, I feel like it would be weird to find out you or your partner has a sexually transmitted infection mid-sex. I don't care how many chocolate covered strawberries you may have fed each other, that's definitely going to ruin the mood.

Thanks to Jenn M, who invented a toothbrush that detects the mind-control drugs the government pumps into our water supply.

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