This Is Why I'm Fat: How To Deep Fry A Big Mac At Home

June 29, 2015


This is a short tutorial from PeepMyEats (don't mind if I do) of how to deep fry a Big Mac at home. It's pretty much the exact same as deep frying anything else -- give it an egg wash, cover it in breading (in this case Panko bread crumbs), toss it in a deep fryer, and kiss your weight loss goals goodbye. You know, a buddy of mine actually got me a deep fryer for my last birthday and I've spent every weekend since inviting friends over and deep frying everything we can think of. Everybody's gotten so used to it they didn't even realize when I fed them deep fried cotton balls and roaches (I told them they were cheese puffs and banana chips).

Keep going for one more shot with no bites out.


Thanks to Brad, who dreams of opening a restaurant where everything is deep fried, even the tables and menus.

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