That's More Like It: Compilation Of Robots Falling Down At DARPA's Annual Robotics Challenge

June 9, 2015



This is a VERY watchable video compilation of robots falling down while trying to complete DARPA's Robotics Challenge this year. Pathetic robots! They all seemed way too top heavy, plus built by people who have no idea how to build robots. Ooh -- let's give it arms for legs! Still, it brought me great joy to watch. Like seeing a bratty child throw a tantrum because their parents won't buy them the candy they want in the checkout line at the grocery store. I always try to make eye contact with the kid and smile as big as I can.

Keep going for the video. I've watched it six times already and it keeps getting better. I especially liked the first ground-humping bot and the one at the end that twitches itself to death.

Thanks to Jay, Clem and my brother SuperFRANK, who will all receive cushy government jobs on my Anti-Robotics Task Force as soon as I become president.

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