Tattoo Artist Turns Crappy Pikachu Tattoo Into Work Of Art

June 15, 2015


Literally. Because now it looks Pikachu painted a shitty picture of himself. The coverup-that-really-isn't-a-coverup was inked by lindsaybugbaker of Night Owl Tattoo in Northhampton, Massachusetts. I flipped through her portfolio on Instagram, and she's clearly got the skills. The person who did the first tattoo? That person has zero skills, and should probably have both hands cut off so they can never pick up a tattoo gun again. Or for the first time, because that first tat definitely wasn't made with a tattoo gun.

Thanks to Greg M, who agrees it shouldn't have taken any more than a single line of ink from the person who did the first tattoo for this guy to realize he should have kicked them in the face and ran. What, were you legally dead or something?

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