Stunt Pilot Takes Young Daughter For 1st Aerobatic Flight

June 17, 2015


This is a video of a stunt pilot taking his four-year old daughter Léa out for her first aerobatic flight. She really gets into it and giggles her face off. Me? I couldn't do it. I only fly out of necessity. It is not something I could ever do for pleasure. Mostly because I am constantly terrified. You ever seen shit on an airplane window before? Mother Nature never intended for us to fly, that's why we don't have wings. Plus she never intended for us to venture into the oceans, which is why she invented sharks. At least for me, it's been very effective.

Keep going for the video, then think about how much better life was when you were young and carefree and didn't have a 9 to 5.

Thanks to Lindsey W, who agrees the fewer barrel rolls she experiences during a flight, the better.

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