All My Favorites: Studio Ghibli Inspired Full Sleeve Tattoo

June 22, 2015


Note: Larger version right HERE.

This is the Studio Ghibli inspired arm sleeve inked by Andy Kurth at Electric Chair Tattoo in Clio, Michigan. I wish I looked cool in a tank top. How many hours do you think it took for that tattoo? I bet it took a long time. My arm tattoo? My arm tattoo didn't take any time at all. Technically it's just a scar from trying to cut a sandwich into triangles.

Thanks to Broth, hands down my favorite part of any soup besides the solid bits.

  • Meh

    Where are all the pigs!?

  • Andy Taylor

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  • Meh

    DIE DIE DIE AND DIE. Thanks.

  • Bubbubsky

    I'm not much for tattoos, but that is spectacular. Very well done.

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