Strange Bedfellows: A Xenomorph/T-Rex Hybrid

June 30, 2015


Note: Full-res version HERE in case you want to pretend its acid saliva is dripping on your face because you're sick and need help.

This is the Xenomorph/t-rex hybrid imagined by 3D illustrator Oliver Pabilona and based on this original concept by Croatian comic book artist Stjepan Šejić. It looks pretty terrifying. "But would you hit it?" Oh I would hit it alright -- with about 120 rounds from a plasma rifle. I'm not f***ing sleeping with that thing. Its purebred t-rex dad, absolutely. We might even become an item.

Thanks to Joseph, who drives a hybrid and saves a ton on fuel. Good for you, then you won't mind giving me a ride to the mall.

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