Smart Thinking: Man Sends 2,240 Bottle Caps To Bethesda In Attempt To Pre-Order Fallout 4

June 16, 2015


In hopes that bottle caps are an acceptable form of currency even in a non post-apocalyptic world, Imgurian GatorMacheteJr (GatorMacheteSr had a kid?!) sent 2,240 bottle caps to Bethesda in an attempt to procure a copy of Fallout 4. Obviously, this is kind of annoying because I was planning on doing the same thing because, believe it or not, I know a lot of bartenders *waits for gasp of surprise that never comes* and they literally just throw the things away whenever they open beers.

Fallout 3 was my favorite game for several years, so I made the rational choice to start saving up bottle caps. Turns out 4.5 years of undergrad and 3 years in a Master's program leads to a lot of drinking. It ended up being 11.2 pounds of bottle caps. You don't want to know how much it cost to ship it to Maryland.

As someone pointed out, not a single cap is from a Nuka Cola or Sunset Sarsaparilla. As a matter of fact, the majority appear to be from different brands of hard cider. Now, according to an estimated currency exchange rate for in-game bottle caps *punching calculator* multiply by seven, carry the one -- I estimate 2,240 caps to be valued at just over $1,000. However, given the fact these are predominately hard cider caps, that value drops to just a hair over completely worthless. And for the record, yes, I'm just jealous I didn't think of this first because you know this guy is gonna get the hookup.

Keep going for one more shot of the caps (which add up to a little more than a beer a day for 7.5 years which isn't nearly enough to keep my heart ticking).


Thanks to SV, who agrees this is a Bethesda PR jackpot and dude will definitely get a free game and probably a t-shirt and a Vault-Boy bobblehead and dammit, why am I not this man, I've probably drank at least ten times as many beers in 7 years.

  • he better get a pip boy to!!!

  • asdfasdf

    the exchange rate exists in game. you can compare sell price of old world money to caps in new vegas, throw in a few extra caps as a just in case to adjust for inflation

    2k is high, he could buy a gun for that

  • BaltoHusky345 .

    I doubt he will get a free game for this, but I'm pretty sure Bethesda will not let this go unheard and maybe even acknowledge it to some extent. Yes, the bottle caps may get thrown out, but everyone in the Bethesda office will get a good laugh beforehand.

  • Sxullpunch

    Better chance of getting Fallout 4 with bottle caps being attached to 2240 full bottles of hard cider.

  • Casey Pettus

    For anyone else wanting to do this: Just sell your bottle caps on Ebay, then pre order the game with USD.

  • asdfasdf

    thats the boring way :(

  • luckyxiii

    Oh sorry man, these are not Nuka Cola caps, they are only worth half as much MUAHAHAHAAHA!

  • Anthony Dwight Williams

    If they give him a game for that, they better either make a statement on their website stating that he will be the first and LAST dude to receive a Fallout 4 title in exchange for bottle caps, or they better clear out a room in that studio and get ready to receive a fuck ton of bottle caps from all over the planet.

  • Ceri Cat

    They'll get their money back on it as scrap.

  • Vicary Archangel

    How do I know when Bethesda replies?

  • Zeus

    true fan know the world and what's the developer into.
    how smart, i like this guy!! XD

  • Johnny Bigrig

    "Here's hoping 7.5 years of saving doesn't end up in the bethesda trash!"
    "If you want to send me something, I'm moving"

    Wow, what a needy prick. Either send your little publicity stunt guilt-free, or don't do it at all.

  • Gezo

    Someones a little jealous.

  • Arturo Castillo

    Is not that he is saving money, is a statement that clearly says "my fanboy dick is bigger than yours" envy corrodes my entrails.

  • joesills

    Make your own caps at

  • Brian Williams

    I'm guessing this guy must have bribed his way out of his G.O.A.T too...

  • James Stephen Edge

    Buddy if you have drank at least ten times as many beers over the last 7 years you should consider going to an alcoholics anonymous meeting :P

  • LeviaThan^

    Probably some autistic Redditor again, knowing he is going to get the game because he spams it on several websites including Facebook, therefor Bethesda can't decline it as it'll give them a bad name, and giving him the game will give them better reputation in the media. Zzz stupid autistic kids.

  • Sean Mcadam

    Don't autistic kids have a lack of empathy where as this man new that he was trying to guilt trip them.

  • Silas Belden

    It is not a lack of Empathy that people in the Autistic Spectrum have, it is generally a complete and total lack of all social skills. People with Autism do not know how to behave or what is expected in any given social interaction. However, some may demonstrate abilities in a single area that are far beyond the average population. These Autistic Savants may be able to do large mathematical equations in their head or play Beethoven the first time the song is heard and at the same time may barely be able to function without help for everything else.

  • The Enlightened One

    If it looks stupid but works, it aint stupid.

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