Smart Thinking: Guy Pours Fire Ants Down Underwear

June 12, 2015


This is a video of a Thai Jackass aspirant (seriously) having a fire ant nest dumped onto his privates. He doesn't handle it well. That face he's making -- that is like, the opposite of a poker face. Also, why did they decide to do this in the middle of the road at an intersection? Was that supposed to add to the danger or just the result of poor planning? Because, I'm gonna be honest, this whole thing looks like the result of really poor planning. Still, in one way he did succeed because we do all know his name now. "Which is?" Oh wait, I guess we don't.

Keep going for the video, then realize the key to looking tough when getting fire ants poured on your crotch is to have already let hornets sting your penis that morning so you can't feel anything.

Thanks to KingKiller, the exact reason kings always had food testers to make sure they weren't being poisoned.

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