Shia LaBouf Motivates Goku To Go Super Saiyan

June 15, 2015


Because this is the internet, here's a video of Shia LaBouf's weird motivational speech edited with some footage of Goku from Dragon Ball Z to make it appear Shia is convincing Goku to go Super Saiyan in a battle against Frieza. I don't really have much else to say except I wish I had a life coach like Shia. And by life coach I mean drinking partner. And by drinking partner I mean I just wish he was a giant beer because I like to drink alone and I definitely don't need any of that screaming.

Keep going for the video, then go grab your dreams by the nuts and tear them off like you're picking a low-hanging apple.

Thanks to MAW, who once went Super Saiyan waiting in line at the DMV and now gets to renew all permits and licenses through the mail because they don't want to have to rebuild the building again.

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