Real Products: Bike Light Shaped Like Dangling Testicles

June 1, 2015


Bike Balls is a $13 rear light for your bicycle that dangles and swings from the back of your seat so it looks like your balls are glowing at night. The concept is that the movement of the light, combined with the fact that it looks like a glowing nutsack, will grab the attention of drivers who will then proceed to not run over you. Plus it makes a great opportunity for drivers with young children to explain what testicles are and what they do (what do they do anyways? I mean besides itch and get stuck to my legs in the summer?). Alternatively, just lie and tell them it's an upside-down heart and and then turn the radio up full blast so they can't ask any more questions.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video (project is already funded with almost six times their asking goal though because apparently there's a very serious demand for testicle shaped bike lights).

  • shashi


  • TheQiwiMan

    Stupid ppl gunna stup'.

  • Kris

    Will they make a yellow one with only one ball saying LIVESTRONG?

  • Bubbubsky

    I've always hated these types of things on trucks. They're even dumber on bicycles.

  • Timothy Allen

    Or maybe they are more sensible on bikes as they serve an actual purpose and keep people visible?

  • Mark Twain

    there are ways to be visible without being an asshole. There are already lights/flashing lights for bikes, this is completely unnecessary.

  • Timothy David Allen

    I'm assuming your sense of humour ran out a long time ago? These are a harmless, silly product, which also has a safety benefit, yet you think it would make the rider an 'asshole' if he or she were to use them.

    I'd hate to see you throw a party.

  • Mark Twain

    My sophomoric sense of humor dried up shortly after high school; even then though I thought that desperate means of saying 'look at how much testosterone I have' was pathetic.

    Also I'd hate to see me do a party too. "There are video games/cards against humanity here and some food over there. What do you mean you want to dance?"

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