Puking: Amusement Park Ride That Spins On 3 Axes*

June 30, 2015


*Axes as in the plural of axis, not like battle axes, although that would be awesome/dangerous.

This is a video of the Starlight amusement park ride built by ABC rides. It raises up to over 70 feet then begins spinning around on three axes to allow riders to experience an anti-gravity environment. Cool, but the only anti-gravity environment I want to experience is OUTSIDE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE. I want the REAL DEAL. The only time I like spinning around like a crazy person is in my desk chair at work when I'm trying to make myself vomit so I can leave early. That shit works. You tell everyone you think you got a stomach virus and follow it up with a solid puke? Nobody's gonna want you around. Hell, you'll probably get tomorrow off too just to be safe. Everybody remembers what diarrhea and puking feels like.

Keep going for a video. Thankfully, it is not first person.

Thanks to Christian, who agrees the best amusement park ride has been and always will be the concession stand that sells funnel cakes and frozen lemonade.

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