Proportional Infographic Of The World's Languages

June 11, 2015


Note: Full-scale version with even more information available if you click this pink button labeled 'HERE' right HERE.

This is an infographic showing the world's major native languages in the proportions in which their spoken. I learned a lot by looking at it. Mostly, that nobody actually speaks Pig Latin.

This fascinating infographic by Alberto Lucas López shows how 23 of the world's mother tongues are proportioned, and how they're distributed around the globe.

Of the 7,102 languages around today, a mere 23 of them are the mother tongue of 50 million people or more. These select languages are spoken by a total of 4.1 billion people.

Wow, that's actually pretty crazy to think about. Have I ever tell you my girlfriend and I actually developed our own language? We communicate almost entirely through come-hither glances and bedroom eyes. Plus false promises and insincere apologies.

Thanks to Dunc, who speaks all languages and is a great person to travel with except he snores which will make you want to kill him.

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