President Of Bulletproofing Car Company Sits In Mercedes While Dude Fires An AK-47 At The Windshield

June 8, 2015


This is a video of Texas Armoring Corporation's president and CEO Trent Kimball (not to be confused with Richard Kimble, who I just saw posting flyers outside my apartment building looking for a one-armed man) sitting in a armor-windowed Mercedes SUV while some other dude fires AK-47 rounds at him. That is really standing behind your product. Well, technically sitting behind your product while holding the steering wheel and shitting your pants. I loved all the warnings at the beginning of the video about how you shouldn't try this at home. Like I've just been itching to have a friend shoot at my head while I'm sitting in my car. The tagline of the video is, 'Life is valuable, protect it.' Now I don't know how much bulletproof windows cost, but I can almost guarantee my life isn't worth it. My life isn't even worth seat belts or air bags. I have self esteem issues.

Keep going for the, wow, that really felt like some sort of senior graduation project for a business school degree.

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