Police Dashcam Captures Super Close Lightning Strike

June 1, 2015


This is a video from the dashcam of Gautier, Mississippi police sergeant Mark Rodriguez's cruiser when lightning strikes right in front of him. It got pretty bright there for a second. No word if sergeant Rodriquez tried to apprehend the lightning after the incident. Seriously though, I've been driving and had lighting strike that close or even closer before. I was driving some backstreets through the woods with my buddy in Gaithersburg, Maryland when KA-BOOM -- lightning struck a tree maybe 20 feet in front of me. All I could see was white for a few seconds, and thankfully didn't crash. But I did shit the driver's seat so bad I had to set the car when I got home.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to T, who can command lightning and would be a huge asset to have when doing battle.

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