Pizza Hut's Hotdog Crust Pizza Finally Coming To The US

June 8, 2015


In news that made my tummy rumble and my belly button wink at me, Pizza Hut has just announced their hotdog stuffed-crust pizza will finally be available in the US on June 18th. The pizza already debuted in Canada, the UK and Australia some time ago, which makes no sense because if there was ever a country with a demand for a pizza with hotdogs in the crust it has to be the U.S. Hell, I want hotdogs AND nachos in the crust. And if you could just go ahead and bake a two-liter of Mountain Dew in there too that would be great. *checks heart attack app on cell phone* It says I'm already dead. Am I dead? Just kidding, I know I'm not dead, but this stall is out of toilet paper and my legs are going numb. Why does everyone look at you weird when you bring your laptop into the bathroom? It's not like you don't use your phone in there. This is basically just a big phone except I can use it to actually get work done instead of sexting and playing games. Honestly, working on the shitter is half the reason I don't feel bad taking three hours for lunch.

Thanks to Jessie, who agrees the should stuff some potato salad in there too and make it a real picnic pizza.

  • Stephan Bedford

    its been here for ages. its rubbish. like actual "look i found a boiled, canned hotdog in a public toilet" rubbish

  • shashi

    What's not to like? I tried one 6months ago and didn't die ... *checks own pulse* ... yet

  • Jon

    I can tell you from first hand experience (I'm from the UK) that this pizza is probably the worst thing on their menu, and that is saying something.

  • TheChappellShow

    I've also had this (Canada) and it is truly awful

  • Gene Kaufman

    Succulent hot dog.

    Succulent hot dog?

    Succulent HOT DOG!

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