P0rnogami: A How-To Book For Folding Erotic Origami

June 30, 2015


'P0rnogami: A Guide To The Ancient Art Of Paper-Folding For Adults' by Master Sugoi is a 128-page step-by-step instruction book teaching you how to fold paper penises and titties and who knows what else. Did you know you can fold a vagina out of a dollar bill? I did not know that, nor would I ever get intimate with one. You ever gotten a paper cut on your penis before? I finally broke down and bought a letter opener.

Keep going for a couple more steamy shots from the book.




Thanks to Linc, who once folded himself an entire life-size love doll using nothing but old homework.

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  • Master Sugoi

    Hahahahaha spot on name

  • Xockszky

    that vagina one looks like one of those fortune teller things that girls make in elementary school.

  • hans gruberman

    in my experience thats exactly what the vagina does. not unlike the magic 8 ball, i usually get "you will die alone"

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