Oh Happy Day!: Fallout 4 Gets First Official Trailer

June 3, 2015


Bethesda has just released the first official trailer for Fallout 4. It takes place in Boston (as was speculated), will be released for PC, XBox One and PS4, and looks amazing. I don't usually get crazy boners for new video games, but this morning I've got some explaining to do to my neighbor's upstairs. The official site has a pre-order page that's gone live but none of the links seem active yet. There is also no release date confirmed, but Bethesda promises more info at the game's world premier at their E3 event on Sunday, June 14th @ 7:00pm pacific. I easily spent over 100 hours apiece in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and expect even more from 4. Wait -- was that a pirate ship with jet thrusters? I think I need to take an ice bath.

Keep going for the video, then let's all cross our fingers for another Festo pleasure-bot (it's okay if it's in a video game).

Thanks to everyone who sent this, most of whom seemed just as excited as I am.

  • Tech Monkey

    This will tide us over until the next TES game argonia comes out!!!!

  • Tech Monkey

    YES cant wait for this!!!

  • David

    My computer might be able to run it

  • Tech Monkey

    get a new one..so you can play it in the Oculus rift...
    i have one and its totally worth it!

  • David

    Okay, because I have a few thousand dollars lying around gathering dust. Thank you for giving me the bright idea to buy a new computer & Oculus /SARCASM

  • VeeTeeF

    I don't think you guys remember what New Vegas looked like... Yeah this doesn't compete with the graphical fidelity of something like Far Cry 4, but that isn't really the point of these games. It's all about world-building, exploring, and the story-lines. Plus I'm sure they're still going for play-ability with PC components from the last few years vs. the last few months.

    I've already committed a couple hundred hours of my life to this game purely based on the trailer. SO EXCITED!!!

  • David

    With the subpar graphics my shitty comp might actually be able to run it

  • Bubbubsky

    Not to mention that once modders get their hands on it, the graphics will become supercharged.

  • Patricia Mason4

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  • Daniel Anderson

    Graphics are meh but hopefully the gameplay is better than FO3

  • Gene Kaufman

    No awful green tint without mods?
    I'm sold.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I knew it looked different!

  • Jeremy Tilton

    I wonder if this trailer is implying that we'll play some portion pre-war? Maybe the main character was a child before the nukes?

  • Jan Bergström

    The main character could be the baby. So he is 0 years old 2077, then grow up in some vault, and start exploration around 2097.

  • MonkeeKnucklez

    Yeah, and there was a dog bowl in the house too, so they could have grown up together if the dog was a puppy. Although it looks like the people in the house were outside of the vault when the bombs went off.

  • Nick Durrant

    ...is it just me or are the graphics super average and super not-next-gen?

  • Tech Monkey

    i think the graphics are just a slight better but then again...they want this to be played on EVERYTHING....so they cant get too crazy

  • David

    It's so that people with older comps can enjoy it

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