Nope: There's A Pokemon P0rn Parody Called Strokemon

June 18, 2015


Note: Trailer contains no nudity but is still NSFW on account of dirty sex words. Link to Youtube video HERE (they disabled embedding).

This is the trailer for a Wood Rocket p0rn parody of Pokemon, called Strokemon. That screencap of Pikachu alone is enough to ensure I won't have another boner for the rest of the year. You can watch the whole video for free at their website ( which I'm not directly linking to because I didn't even go to watch it myself because I'm on my work computer and I've already gotten in trouble with IT enough times for visiting inappropriate websites. *poker face* Okay you got me, I tried to watch it but my Flash player is out of date. Are you happy now?

Thanks to Charlie H, who is holding out for a Yu-Gi-Oh! p0rn parody. Pfft, who isn't?

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