My Little Pony Dolls Reimagined As Mad Max Characters

June 3, 2015


This is the set of My Little Pony dolls that artist Kelsey Wailes transformed into Mad Max characters with the help of some clay, acrylic paints, leather, and faux fur. I still haven't gotten the chance to go see Mad Max yet, and I may have already lost my opportunity. Mostly because I've been banned from all the local theaters in preparation for Jurassic World and their strict 'No Masturbating' polices. Come on, dinosaurs AND Chris Pratt? Good luck enforcing that.

Keep going for closeups of them all.









  • stuffsticks

    So i'm guessing in Max's world they somehow managed to eradicate septicemia and tetanus, otherwise how the hell did people survive the injuries and the rusted metal jabbing everything?

  • When Mad Max was conceived as a story in the 70's, there was a belief that ionizing radiation would wipe out most wild bacterial life, so there would be no infections per-se. However, radioresistance was discovered in the late 90's after Chernobyl.

  • Mark Twain

    I don't understand the concept of combining things for the hell of it.

  • Patricia Mason4

    Mark Twain

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  • Forgoten Null

    Ok, I'll bite.

    Somebody read too much FOE...

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