My God: Woman Eats Six Pounds Of Yakisoba Ramen In One Sitting, Lives To Post Video

June 3, 2015


Seen here in her dining room of solitude, Japanese competitive eater Yuka Kinoshita prepares to down six pounds of Yakisoba Ramen in a single sitting. Several times she even covers the whole bowl in mayonnaise. Any idea what percentage of your daily allowance of sodium six pounds of ramen contains? Because I'm pretty sure it's over 2,000%. I don't even feel comfortable taking vitamins that contain 2,000% of essential nutrients, and I don't care if I just piss out what my body doesn't need. Also, I would argue salty is one of my least favorite of the five basic tastes, second only to 'tastes like shit'. Most people love salt though. I love eating ice cream in the shower.

Keep going for the video of Yuka destroying those noodles.

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